About the artist G.Baker

G.Baker is a watercolor artist from Stonington, Connecticut, who finds inspiration in the rich tapestry of our local community.  Seascapes, landscapes and all of her paintings evoke the whimsy and the real. Painting is pure joy for Ginger and a passion she feels honored to have found and to be able to share. Nothing is better than making someone else happy with what you've created. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram @coastalartsstudio. Coastal Arts Studio sells originals and prints of her work at FUN and STONINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY's giftshops at The Palmer House and The Lighthouse Museum.  You may have seen some of her party animals adorning the invitations to SHS's annual galas.
One of her first watercolors, Cairn, is a popular piece rich in natural colors and the rocky nature of our shoreline.  Another, The Docks, is inspired by the local heartbeat and foundation of Stonington Village, based on a photograph by fellow local artist, Angela Gora.  The Ferryman is a peaceful and serene beginning to a new day with the rays of first light shining in.  Milagro Treat du Jour is a whimsical painting of the daily life these dogs enjoy in this beautiful community.  The Zoo and Noah’s are both filled with nostalgic memories of these local favorites.